Doom music legend Mick Gordon denounces the executive at iD Software who publicly scapegoated him for the soundtrack they butchered—and he has receipts

When the official soundtrack to Doom Eternal was released, fans noticed that it sounded weird and crappy. The game's producer at iD software, Marty Stratton, posted a statement (to the game's fan subreddit) in which he denounced Mick Gordon, the musician who wrote and produced the franchise's music, and assured everyone Gordon was gone. Two years later, though, Gordon finally responded with an epic, receipts-filled essay which not only clears his name, but makes clear that Stratton himself is a lying, inept bully who constantly exploited and mismanaged him. Gordon toiled under a regime of permanent crunch, produced twice as much music for the game as he'd been contracted to do, was not paid for nearly a year, not paid for all his work, had his music edited by a hack, and was finally strung along for two years of settlement negotiations after it became clear he'd been libeled by Stratton's stupid social media rant. Gordon writes that he's turned down a six-figure offer because it would come with an NDA and he'd rather spill the beans