Herschel Walker's Republican son mocks the GOP for stupidly losing the Senate (video)

Christian Walker, Herschel Walker's 23-year-old staunchly conservative son, scolded the GOP for their disastrously mishandled midterm elections.

"We lost the Senate! Woo!" the liberal-bashing social media influencer said with sarcastic glee.

"Great midterm season? We just lost the Senate before we even get to the Georgia runoff. So even if we win Georgia, we've already lost," he said, explaining that a Walker win in the runoffs would still lead to only a tie in the Senate — and Kamala Harris would be the tie-breaker.

Christian Walker — the one and only child Herschel admitted to at the start of his campaign (but later admitted to his three other children once the news was broken by Daily Beast) — publicly turned on his father after the anti-abortion candidate was accused of paying for at least one abortion.

"So for everyone celebrating the midterms saying, 'We won' … Congratulations!' – We lost!" Christian says into the camera with a mocking smile. "We lost very easy seats to pick up. We could have easily won. [Between the lines: …If you hadn't backed my son-of-a-bitch father and all the other Trump picks.]" … "Good job!"

Front page thumbnail image: Mary A Lupo / shutterstock.com