Reporter is interrupted by a hilarious baby elephant who can't keep her trunk off him (video)

A baby elephant playfully trolled a reporter who was trying to cover an elephant rescue sanctuary in Kenya.

Already on his 11th take, KBC's Alvin Kaunda, an intern, got halfway through his "scene" without a hitch — but then a mischievous little trunk popped into the scene (:28).

It first appeared from behind another elephant but soon made its way over to Kaunda, hooking itself over the man's shoulder before trying to suction earwax out of his ear (or so it seemed). Amazingly, the reporter — who later admitted the trunk was tickling him, had kept his cool up to this point.

But when the frisky appendage decided to crown the top of the Kaunda's head and then slither down his face, his professional facade broke into hearty laughter. Some things are worth having to do another take.

(The video below first appeared on the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's Instagram.) 


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