Toddler adopts creepy doll: "I'm its momma. It needs me"

Three-year-old Briar Beard was at a Halloween store when she spotted a creepy bald doll with a cracked face. She told her mother, "I'm its momma. It needs me. I love it." Briar named the doll Creepy Chloe and the two are now inseparable. They have an Instagram feed called Creepy Chloe and Briar.

From WESH:

"We were eating breakfast at the Grand Floridian, and the manager came out and said I have this pastry chef who loves everything spooky. She has to see this," Brittany Briar said.

Decked out as a princess, Creepy Chloe inspired the chef to fashion a special cupcake in her honor. At the Haunted Mansion, recognizing the pair as kindred spirits, staff members whisked the family out of the line and gave them a special backstage tour.

"And they took us through a door and popped us right onto the ride," Brittany Briar said. "I had no idea that it would get the reaction that she got, it was insane."