Here's a funny meme about goth girls dealing with the success of Netflix's Wednesday

The 21st century made nerds and social outcasts cool. As our society became increasingly integrated with technology, the architects behind modern civilization became revered as heroes. Consequently, a litany of the media that nerds consumed experienced a massive surge in popularity. Comic books went from being a cultural joke to becoming the anchor of the largest entertainment franchise in cinema history. Gamers transitioned from losers to multimillionaires that are arguably more popular than some sports stars. 

Nerds already got their time in the spotlight, but now a specific sect of high school outcasts is finally getting their due in modernity: goths. Similar to the nerds, goths suffered for their eclectic interests and fashion sense. However, with the recent success of Netflix's Wednesday, several lifelong goths are watching their style get co-opted by the very people who mocked them. 

In the video linked above, former pro-wrestler and all-around badass Reby Sky posted a hilarious meme about how grown goth girls are dealing with the influx of posers inspired by Wednesday