9m Americans wrongly told they were already approved for student debt relief

Last month, 9 million Americans were wrongly told their their applications of student debt relief had been approved. Not so, reports CBS News.

The error was made by Accenture Federal Services, a contractor with the Education Department, which sent the emails on November 22 and 23. The mistake may only compound confusion among some borrowers about the debt-relief program, which for now remains in limbo due to several legal challenges, with the Supreme Court earlier this month agreeing to hear one of the cases. 

CBS News allows for the interpretation that the email was sent to people who did not qualify for the debt relief in the first place, but the details suggest that the only reason they were not approved is because their applications came after the approval process was suspended, due to the legal challenges. If I'm reading that right, the 9 million applicants implicated will still be approved, eventually, so long as the U.S. Supreme Court doesn't find the debt relief program unconstitutional. Be on the lookout for a "corrected" email, applicants.