LAPD sees no link between alleged Musk stalker and private jet location tweets

For The Washington Post, Drew Harwell and Taylor Lorenz report that the LA stalking incident which Elon Musk blamed on tweets tracking his private jet travel took place 23 hours after it last posted and 26 miles from the airport. Moroever, police in LA and South Pasadena, the location of the incident, see no link between the two and have made no arrests despite knowing who the alleged stalker is.

The timing and location of the confrontation cast doubt on Musk's assertion that the account had posted real-time "assassination coordinates" that threatened his family and led to the confrontation. Police have said little about the incident but say they've yet to find a link between the confrontation and the jet-tracking account.

The incident last week triggered a major rewrite of Twitter's rules and the suspensions of a half dozen journalists' accounts, which were condemned by free-speech advocates. It also underscored how Musk's personal concerns can influence his governance of a social media platform used by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Lorenz was temporarily suspended from Twitter today after asking Musk for comment. Her and Harwell's story reveals Elon as a weird liar, but he has form and it's hardly worth him quitting his day job over.