Florida man hits wife with Christmas tree after asking him to help with dinner

Typically, the holiday season offers a brief reprieve from the constant barrage of insanity and negativity we encounter throughout the year. For some reason, the theme of "peace on Earth" that pervades the holiday season in songs and marketing campaigns has an uncanny ability to summon the best in the people. However, Florida Man isn't a person; Florida Man is an idea. He is a malevolent construct that vacations in the darkest recesses of one's mind. Throughout the years, many have tried to expel Florida Man from our dimension. The only reliable method is to trick him into saying his own name backward.

In easily one of the most "Florida Man" stories to ever hit the net, Richard Daniel Atchison was arrested for hitting his wife with a Christmas tree after she asked him to help with dinner. One would think Florida Man would take the holidays off, but apparently, there's literally no rest for the wicked.

Florida man was arrested after bashing his wife with a Christmas tree after he became enraged when she asked him to help prepare dinner. 

Richard Daniel Atchison, 52, was arrested on Monday around 7pm on felony charges including false imprisonment, violation of an injunction and domestic battery, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by DailyMail.com.

He was held at the Lake County Jail on an $8,000 bond in which he bonded out on Tuesday, Lakeland County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Fred Jones told DailyMail.com.