Audio shows Elon Musk doesn't understand how online advertising is sold, used, or funds Twitter

This audio clip from a Twitter meeting shows that Elon Musk doesn't understand how Twitter earns money from advertisers. I do not know if this is an engineer or an ad salesperson trying to explain to Musk why he is talking out of his ass, but Musk certainly wasn't listening and wanted the person cut off.

Online advertising is tricky and brutal in the User Generated Content space, where Twitter proudly sits. I can assure you that having this little understanding of how ads are bought and sold on Twitter at this stage is pretty much checkmate in the game of umpty dimensional chess that Musk's fanbois claim he plays with himself. Minimally, Musk should have had this laser clear before making an irrevocable, $44B offer to purchase without further due diligence.

Once again, Mr. Musk has been caught feigning expertise and having his bluster tossed in his face.