Cheshire rug cleaning company posts relaxing ASMR videos

Here's a new-to-me kind of ASMR: rug cleaning. I stumbled upon Arcadia Rug Spa's YouTube channel, which features satisfying and relaxing videos of rugs getting rinsed, soaped, brushed, and more. It's really quite mesmerizing. 

Arcadia Rug Spa is in Cheshire, England, and, according to their YouTube channel, it's:

The place to go to for expert knowledge in caring, cleaning and restoring your rugs. We'll post regular videos on how we clean, the results we get, and our extremely thorough 12-step cleaning process. Derek and Sian are a husband and wife team who have taken the time to undertake extensive training to be able to provide Cheshire and surrounding areas with an exceptional rug cleaning service.

They have an entire section of videos labeled "ASMR," which makes perfect sense once you watch a few minutes of their cleaning process. They explain:

We love cleaning rugs, It can be so relaxing apart from the lifting of course. But everything else, the water sounds, the soap, the rinsing and scraping, it all adds to a very therapeutic job we have here at Arcadia Rug Spa. Making the videos in the hope we can share the job we love and hopefully relax you guys while you watch. ASMR relaxing videos for everyone and anyone. Hope you enjoy.

Here's an example of one of the ASMR videos—it features co-owner Derek cleaning a Turkish Milas rug. He begins with an informative description of the rug and then starts the cleaning at around the 5-minute mark. Enjoy!