Greasy diner carpet cleaned satisfyingly

Mike Palliotet (previously) cleans another revolting, darkly shiny diner carpet with his incredibly satisfying high-end steam cleaning equipment.

“We live in a primitive time, don’t we, Will? Neither savage nor wise. Any rational society would either ban carpet in diners or let me take my dog in there.” — Hannibal Lecter. Read the rest

Grooveless metal engineering (Electrical discharge machining)

In this otherwise unsourced video (via Singaporean news site Mothership) we may enjoy seeing parts so finely engineered that when they are socketed together, they appear to become single blocks of metal.

UPDATE: Commenter for_SCIENCE pointed out that these are made using Electrical discharge machining, which Mark posted about here.

More from RandomDude:

"It is the only technology that makes specifically the kind of Parts you saw in that video possible. No other process can create perfect shapes that mesh so perfectly this way they appear seamless. I don’t care how good of a machinist you are it is physically impossible to do with traditional machining techniques what you saw." Read the rest

Relax to the soothing sounds of sand smooshed and sliced

Need to relax for a couple of minutes? Don those headphones and head over to Sand Tagious for some very satisfying slicing and smooshing of kinetic sand. Read the rest

Man cuts his PC cables to a perfectly satisfying length

I've built several computers in my life and the interior results are invariably a tangled nest of cabling left for years unseen, opened only for rare upgrades that expose the forlorn insect civilizations that grew and died in the warm nylon-braided lint maze which they surely worshipped.

This guy, though, he knows what he's doing. Read the rest