George Santos spends first day as Congressman running from reporters (video)

Compulsive liar George Santos, whose latest scandal includes paying an aide $100,000 to impersonate Kevin McCarthy's top aide in order to gouge wealthy donors, spent his first official day as Congressman (R–NY) working, er, running his ass off — from reporters, that is.

And at one point they nearly cornered the lawmaker (lawmaker? yikes), trying to shake even one truth out of him, but the self-admitted thief who's been charged with fraud jumped into an elevator and was whisked away, just in the nick o' time (see Rachel Scott's first video below). Reporters then caught up with the serial fibber and tried again, but he said he'd "be addressing the media soon … on my time" before slamming a door in their face (see last video below).

The chaotic conservatives are off to a great start.

And then there was this:

Front page thumbnail image: Santos in a "George For NY" campaign handout photo