GOP liar George Santos likely "ran afoul" of campaign finance rules

The New York Times reports that George Santos' mysterious backers "may have ran afoul" of campaign finance rules.

The request came from a Republican loyalist calling on behalf of RedStone Strategies, which was described in an email to the donor as an "independent expenditure" group that was supporting Mr. Santos's bid to flip a Democratic House seat in New York. The group had already raised $800,000 and was seeking to raise another $700,000, according to the email, which was reviewed by The New York Times. The donor came through: Days later, on Oct. 21, he sent $25,000 to a Wells Fargo Bank account belonging to RedStone Strategies. Three months later, Mr. Santos is now in Congress, but where the donor's money went is unclear. The Federal Election Commission said it had no evidence that RedStone Strategies was registered as a political group, and there do not appear to be any records documenting its donors, contributions or spending.

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What's amazing about Santos is that it's been clear for days that he directly grifted the GOP and its donor class and they still can't decisively turn against him.