Marjorie Taylor Greene held an anti-trans rally at the Capitol, but nobody showed up

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene held an anti-trans rally last week at the Capitol, where she proudly shlepped her infamous Capitol-office sign that reads, "There are TWO genders: MALE & FEMALE. 'Trust the Science!'" But what about trust in a Marge event? Turns out even her own MAGA minions can't answer that, as nobody but 12 stragglers, including zero mainstream news outlets, showed up at the sad affair.

From LGBTQ Nation:

A whopping 12 or so people attended and no major media outlets covered it.

The rally was a veritable who's who of contemporary transphobic trolls, including members of the book-banning "parents' rights" group Moms for Liberty; members of the anti-LGBTQ conservative think tank Heritage Foundation; de-transitioned young adult right-wing media darling Chloe Cole; J.K. Rowling fanboy Chris Elston; conspiracy theorist James Lindsay; sexually harassing "comedian" Alex Stein; and of course, Greene herself.

The protestors spent their time taking pictures of each other and then re-tweeting one another's posts about the protest.

Good thing the Georgia Qongresswoman isn't wasting taxpayer dollars actually showing up at work – she'll do a lot less damage standing alone outside.