The flag-less GOP is practicing for another red flop in 2024

Remember back in November when the red tsunami Republicans had boasted about evaporated into thin blue air? Well, they're at it again. And after starting the new year with a bang — as in a long week of 15 ballots just to elect a Speaker while embracing sociopaths like George Anthony Devolver Kitara Ravache George Castanza Santos — they're surely on target to deliver a repeat performance in 2024.

To continue their efforts, February begins with many Republican Congressfolk eschewing their American flag pins, once proudly worn on their lapels, replacing the patriotic badges with tiny cartoon-like rifles that would look smarter on Elmer Fudd's brown burlap coat.

It is great that Republicans are keeping up with their new tradition of sinking the last three elections in a row with unpatriotic acts. It surely makes for sensational political theater that their constituents will remember — and that Democrats will secretly applaud.