Abandoned pooch raised by coyote pack is "sweetest, most loving dog"

For months, a seemingly-abandoned dog has been living in the desert outside Henderson, Nevada with a pack of coyotes.

According to Fox5Vegas, "The elusive creature appears to have not only been accepted by the pack but by some accounts leading it."

Neighbors in the Inspirada neighborhood have been posting sighting of the white dog, nicknamed Ghost, on social media. After he was spotted limping, there was concern that the coyotes might turn on their canine cousin. So citizens and the Southern Nevada Trapping Team spent days tracking him until they finally lured him into a crate. Ghost is suffering from ear and eye infections, skin problems, and a broken toe that must be amputated, they say, but is expected to fully recover. From Fox5Vegas:

"He is the sweetest most loving dog… he comes up to you he wants to be petted, he wants to be held," [one caring neighbor named Timi] Zondiros asserted.

Showing no signs of aggression and given his young age, once his medical work is complete, Ghost will be up for adoption. Fully transitioning from living with coyotes to living with humans will take work.

"He is not crate trained. He is not leash trained… he doesn't sleep at night. He paces; he pants, nighttime is really hard for him," McMullen described.

"We would like for him to be adopted in a loving home where he is going to have a bed, a couch, people to hold him… I believe he is going to be the best dog because they are the most grateful, the ones that are rescued… they feel it.," Zondiros said.

Here's a GoFundMe for Ghost.