Catalytic converter stolen from the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile

Is nothing sacred? Thieves swiped the catalytic converter from the legendary Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. The 27-foot-long vehicle was parked overnight outside a Las Vegas hotel when the crooks did their dirty work. Apparently the vehicle was meant to appear at several Super Bowl-related events so mechanics had to move quickly. From Local 12:

"Imagine a huge, gigantic hot dog in the middle of your [mechanic's] bay," said Joseph Rodriguez, a parts administrator with Penske.

Rodriguez says not only was the catalytic convertor missing, but so was everything leading up to it.

"There's like gaskets there that you need to reseal the converter. And then there's sensors all along that area to regulate the heat and temperature of the system. Those are all gone as well. They tear that apart to get to what they want," said Rodriguez[…]

"They did a little, minor repair, just to have the vehicle running. It's not the correct part. It's just something temporary," [Penske parts administrator Joseph] Rodriguez said.