Prosecutors: George Santos stole puppies from the Amish

New Republican congressman George Santos, also known as Anthony Devolder, Kitara, and heaven knows what else in his extensive life as a fraudster, grifter and chancer, faced charges of writing $15,000 in bad checks in Pennsylvania in 2017. Santos used the checks to buy dogs from the Amish, but the charges were dropped for obscure reasons and later expunged from his record.

Santos' former friend Tiffany Bogosian, who is also an attorney by trade, is speaking out.

She says Santos asked for advice after claiming his checkbook was stolen. Santos apparently told her he was involved in politics, and he couldn't have a record. The charge was eventually dismissed.

"He doesn't deserve to be trusted with anything, let alone representation of people's interest in Congress," she said. "I just wish I never even got involved."