Watch raccoons chowing down at the Raccoon Drive Thru

If you're like me and you cannot get enough raccoon content, go to the Racoon Drive Thru TikTok, where you will not be disappointed. The woman who runs the channel used to dedicate her content to her adorable rabbits, but recently began filming and posting about the raccoons who keep showing up at her house looking for snacks. The way she's set up her kitchen window like a little drive thru to feed the racoons is brilliant, both for the raccoons and for us, the lucky viewers who get an up-close and personal look at those cute raccoon grabby hands reaching for the various snacks and shoving them into their cute little raccoon mouths. You can see in many of the videos that the raccoons first show up at the sliding glass door, and then run to the window when they see their host setting out bowls of food. Once the window slides open, it's feasting time! Enjoy!