Bernie Sanders calls for four-day work week.

The four-day work week works well when trialed—so well, in a recent pilot project, that today we find The Wall Street Journal and Bernie Sanders in rare harmony. The former reports that companies that try it don't want to go back afterward; the latter says we should all give it a try.

Vanessa Fuhrmans for the WSJ:

In one of the largest trials of a four-day week to date, 61 British businesses ranging from banks to fast-food restaurants to marketing agencies gave their 2,900 workers a paid day off a week to see whether they could get just as much done while working less, but more effectively. More than 90% said they would continue testing the shorter week, while 18 planned to make it permanent, according to a new report from the study's organizers.


With exploding technology and increased worker productivity, it's time to move toward a four-day work week with no loss of pay. Workers must benefit from technology, not just corporate CEOs.