Marvel's fake meta-musical becomes a real one for Disney's California Adventure

In a strange case of art imitating art, Rogers: The Musical is headed to Anaheim. Marvel's fictitious made-for-tv Broadway musical about the Avengers has been turned into a short one-act musical for the Hyperion Stage inside Disney's California Adventure park. It will play this summer as a "limited-time engagement."


Originally introduced as a meta gag of sorts in Disney's Hawkeye miniseries — which follows Jeremy Renner's titular character after the events of Avengers: Endgame — the musical is supposed to be an in-universe Broadway hit, featuring the superhero team singing, dancing, and flying around the stage as they protect New York City from alien invasion.


The fictitious musical all about the life of Steve Rogers, the first Captain America, first debuted in the Disney+ original series, Hawkeye. In the show, all the Avengers are invited to New York for the premiere of the brand new, showstopping musical but only Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, shows up. The MIA Avengers don't know what they're missing, though, as viewers are treated to a musical number based on The Battle of New York…though a few creative liberties have been taken here and there. 

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