Rep. Lauren Boebert did her dummy dance on the Floor until Rep. Jamie Raskin brilliantly stepped in (video)

Congress quack Lauren Boebert (R–CO) spouted utter nonsense (again) as she tried to defend Donald Trump as a tough-on-Covid, tough-on-China ex-president who was mischaracterized by the media. This was during a larger conversation on the House floor in which she blamed President Biden for the mishandling of Covid-19.

"You're right. President Trump was in office when the Covid virus was released from a lab in China – from the Wuhan lab," she spat. "And he tried to make that very clear that this came from China, and reporters regularly dismissed that."

So Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) kindly volunteered to enlighten the simple lawmaker with some common knowledge history, sprinkling in a bit of ol' fashion sarcasm to make an otherwise dreary task amusing. "I appreciate the gentlelady's passion," he began.

He then explained two points the forgetful gentlelady should be "alerted to":

1) Trump on at least 20 occasions boasted about China's "wonderful" President Xi and the "wonderful job" he and Xi were doing together. "So, if there's a problem with the Chinese government unleashing a virus ― which has not been proven anywhere, but it certainly could be true ― you would have to pin that on your favorite president, Donald Trump, not on Joe Biden."

2) Trump's very own special advisor, "Deborah Birx – I'm sure you've read her book," wrote about the "reckless lethalness" of the bumbling former president's handling of Covid that cost the U.S. hundreds of thousands of lives. (Make that about a million.)

"So you don't have to believe anybody on the Democratic side of the aisle," Raskin wrapped up. "That's Donald Trump's own special adviser on Covid-19." (See video below, posted by Acyn.)