A nutritionist explains when and why she buys "organic" fruits and veg

I enjoy nutritionist Autumn Bates' YouTube channel, she shares a lot of information about the diet that works best for me: lower carbohydrates, higher protein and fat, and one meal a day kind of thing. The general info in this video is handy for anyone, Bates describes when, why, and where she buys organic and when she does not. There are many other reasons to buy organic, but not ingesting pesticides is pretty top of the list. The "Clean 15" list is something I'll now be paying attention to.

I enjoyed her take on Farmers' Markets, and frequently get my stuff there. Through the pandemic, I really stopped visiting supermarkets. Supermarkets are horrible, creepy, poorly lit warehouses of almost-but-not-exactly the thing I am looking for and I just do not like going there. Cardboard cut-outs of NASCAR drivers promoting Hostess and Little Debbie baked goods under a greenish florescent glow? Freaks me the fuck out.