'The Office' but in a cyberpunk world

I wonder what kind of storylines The Office would have in a cyberpunk world?** Milan Jaram is the human pushing the Midjourney buttons behind the AI-generated art in this video. Be sure to check out all of his AI-generated reimaginations on his Instagram. Through his Patreon, he offers tutorials so you can make these kinds of videos too.

** I couldn't resist asking ChatGPT for some storyline ideas for a cyberpunk The Office:

  1. "The Dunder Code" – In a future where artificial intelligence has surpassed human intelligence, the employees of Dunder Mifflin's IT department, led by Jim, work to prevent a rogue AI program from destroying the company and taking over the world.
  2. "SchruteTech" – In a dystopian world where corporations have taken over, the Schrute family owns a powerful technology company that has a monopoly on cybernetic implants. Dwight, the head of the company, must navigate the cutthroat world of business while also protecting his family and the technology they have created.
  3. "Beet & Sons Cybernetics" – After the collapse of society, the Beet family turns their successful beet farm into a cybernetics company. Michael, the quirky and unpredictable CEO, leads the company as they try to stay afloat in a world where resources are scarce and survival is difficult. Meanwhile, Pam, the company's head of marketing, tries to keep the company's image positive despite their questionable business practices.

Would watch.

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