How to use a SodaStream to keep leafy greens fresher for longer

Not only does a SodaStream turn water into a glass of bubbly fun, it can keep your leafy greens fresher for longer periods of time. In short, you fill the plastic bag with carbon dioxide from the SodaStream. Sure, you could use your mouth and exhale into the bag instead, but that's kinda gross (I guess) if other people will be eating the veggies. According to Cook's Illustrated, greens in a bag filled with SodaStream CO2 lasted 9 days compared to the control that significantly wilted within 5 days. From Cook's Illustrated:

1. Place greens in large zipper-lock bag. Seal bag, leaving ¼-inch opening on 1 side. Gently press to evacuate as much air as possible without crushing greens.

2. Insert nozzle of soda maker into opening, pinching bag around nozzle to create airtight seal. Dispense gas into bag until lightly inflated. Carefully remove bag and seal completely.