The capsaicin chile fire challenge is maybe a bad idea

I've spent some quality time with shows like Heat Seekers and Hot Ones. In this culinary context, I know my friend would have some viral TikToks consuming various fire-breathing, capsaicin-producing wonders of the earth. He has not made any videos. Yet.

That said, Tom West, The Duet Boomer (TDB), has made breathtakingly brave videos and presents his versions of Scoville Scale capsaicin experiments. In this video, with the unique and unexpected detail of preparing for the capsaicin excursion by spraying his face (and toupee) with "WD-40 Specialist Air Duster," he melodically announces, "some green chile in some Umami Hit Chile Oil. A red chile in some Mama Liz's Chile Oil…."

TDB follows that opening course with a habanero, then a bird's eye and ghost chile pepper followed up with a Trinidad Scorpion chile. Finally, Boomer leans back, making odd noises, and maybe finishes the snack without any stomach convulsions. It is unclear.

My computer began to sweat. I shifted in my seat. TDB's tears were as abundant and flowing as the salivation. I thought of Gerardo. The ghost chile and Trinidad Scorpion chile have both previously been named the hottest chiles in the world, a title currently held by the Carolina Reaper.

I then clicked on another mole hole link. I found this video response to The Duet Boomer from Koa Fire, the Bali Pirate, a performance artist, fire dancer, tribal drummer, photographer, writer, creator, strategist, and lawyer. The Bali Pirate ends his capsaicin snack/tribute by swallowing a ball of fire.

Gerardo, you in?