Candace Owens uses space laser logic to paint George Soros as a Nazi sympathizer

GQP troll Candace Owens joined the long line of malicious conservatives who have tried to accuse George Soros of being a Nazi collaborator, asking on her Daily Wire show today, "Is it plausible that he was actually sympathetic to the Nazis?" (See video below, posted by Jason Campbell.)

Using Marjorie Taylor Greene's brand of anti-Semitic space-laser logic, Owens surmised that since the Jewish philanthropist (who has donated billions of dollars to American organizations and charities) has "such contempt for Americans," it can only mean he is a friend to the Nazis.

This, coming from the "White Lives Matter" supporter who, a few years ago, suggested that "Hitler just wanted to make Germany great" (but shouldn't have tried to take his plan global).

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