Probation for Lauren Boebert's ex-husband after their public fight

Lauren Boebert and her ex-husband Jayson Boebert got into a fight over something at a restaurant in Colorado—reportedly their criminally-wayward son—and the former Mr. Boebert later behaved in similar fashion during a later run-in with the son. Charged with assault, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, prohibited use of a weapon, harassment and obstruction of a peace officer over the two incidents, he received a probationary sentence and a $40 fine.

The slap on the wrist was accompanied by comments from the prosecutor, Pototsky and Jayson's lawyer, Andrew Nolan, who provided information and explanations for the plea deal. "Mr. Boebert does take responsibility," Nolan told Pototsky. "He regrets being here, obviously. But most of all, he regrets how this has impacted his relationship with his son Tyler."

Jayson, who is now divorced from the congresswoman, had been accused of getting into altercations with Lauren and Tyler in early January that led to Jayson's criminal charges. On January 6, he allegedly got into a dispute with Lauren at a restaurant in Silt that led to him being forcibly removed by police. On January 9, he allegedly got into a fight with Tyler — who is currently facing felony charges himself for a recent string of vehicle trespassing and property thefts in Rifle — and allegedly assaulted him at their home in Garfield County. 

Lauren Boebert is fighting for her congressional career after poor polls in her formerly-safe Colorado district sent her fleeing to another, even-redder one where she hopes to win the GOP primary later this month, and with it the seat.

Jayson is a registered sex offender; the couple met when he flashed his penis at underage girls in a bowling alley, among them the then-17-year-old congresswoman. Lauren's own political career came under pressure when she was filmed behaving similarly at a family theater with a new boyfriend, fondling his crotch in the gloom.