Idaho restricts leaving state to get abortions

Idaho legislators yesterday placed restrictions on leaving the state to get an abortion, making it the first state to explicitly prohibit out-of-state travel on these grounds. Gov. Brad Little, a Republican, signed the law, late Wednesday night. Those who help pregnant minors leave the state may receive a 5-year prison sentence;.

"Giving them [minors] money, giving them a ride, helping them organize the visit to a doctor out of state — all of the activity that's required to help a young person leave the state — any of that would be punishable," said Elisabeth Smith, the director of U.S. state policy and advocacy at the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Unconstitutional in obvious ways, but the hope is to put the fear of government into those targeted–and that a right-wing and well-lubricated U.S. Supreme Court might use their cases to reinterpret the constitution. Papers, please!