Iowa will no longer provide emergency contraceptives to rape victims

Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird will no longer provide emergency contraceptives to victims of rape. Get birthin', girls!

"As a part of her top-down, bottom-up audit of victim assistance, Attorney General Bird is carefully evaluating whether this is an appropriate use of public funds," Bird Press Secretary Alyssa Brouillet said in a statement. "Until that review is complete, payment of these pending claims will be delayed."

Victim advocates were caught off guard by the pause. Ruth Richardson, CEO of Planned Parenthood North Central States, said in a statement that the move was "deplorable and reprehensible."

The anti-abortion movement's momentum is unstoppable–forced pregnancy, forced birthing, laws against leaving the state, you name it–because there's no effective political opposition to it. The media is a floating world of indifference, gamed-out compromises and commercial desperation, and most national Democrat politicians would rather see the country go to Hell than fight on political ground that favors the left. There's nothing left to stop them but you.