Urine-drinking anti-vaxxer was denied dinner with Trumps after paying $11,000

Anti-vax leader Christopher Key, the "Vaccine Police" who drinks his own urine to ward off Covid, desperately wants some "one-on-one time" with Donald Trump — apparently Key doesn't think Trump is fringe enough and would like a word with him. So in March, the anti-vaxxer fell for one of the countless MAGA grifts and paid $500 to spend "an evening with Donald Trump Jr." in hopes that Junior's daddy would drop by. But his hopes were dashed when the indictment chaos took center stage and Trump had better things to do.

"Supposedly, his father got indicted today … we were supposed to do a lot of one-on-one time," Key told The Daily Beast, via Yahoo. "Nobody really got to talk to him at all because he was in and out."

So Key tried again, this time parting with $11,000 to enjoy an intimate meal with Junior in hopes that King Trump would grace the room with his presence. After all, that is what the scamfunder teased: "We encourage you to request a date when President Donald Trump is staying at Mar-a-Lago as it is his habit to visit dinner guests, and you may then have the opportunity to greet him."

If it's good enough for Kanye West, it's good enough for … oh wait … turns out even MAGA has its limits: the Vaccine Police — like the FBI — is not wanted at Mar-a-Lago.

From Yahoo!:

But apparently, after Trumpworld found out about Key and his history, they canceled the dinner, and Key was once again denied his opportunity. …

The now-canceled dinner between Key and Don Jr. is a near-miss for the Trump campaign, which has long struggled to keep extremist Mar-a-Lago visitors at bay. Most notably, last year, Trump welcomed disgraced rapper Kanye West and white nationalist Nick Fuentes, which drew nearly universal condemnation from Democratic and Republican lawmakers alike on Capitol Hill.

But Key was apparently too wild for Mar-a-Lago.

"I believe that they went and did the research, and they found out who I was, and the last thing they wanted me to do was to sit down with Donald Trump Jr. and his father," Key told The Daily Beast while adding he was "going to go after both of them about the bioweapon."

It's not clear whether or not he received a full refund.