Watch this Gorilla papa prevent his children from playing too rough

Primates- they're just like us. As much as I love primates, watching them for extended periods of time becomes a little unsettling after a while. The similarities that primates share with human beings place them in a weird tier in the animal kingdom. Unlike dogs and cats, the locomotion that apes exhibit is so eerily reminiscent of our own at times that it makes primates feel entirely too human to classify as mindless beasts. I mean, to be fair, this is where the premise surrounding the entire Planet of the Apes and King Kong franchises stems from, but it's still worth noting. 

In the video linked above, you can check out an adorable video of a Gorilla intervening in his children's play whenever the roughhousing becomes a little too violent. If you didn't already feel a sense of kinship with apes before this video, you definitely will after watching it.