Watch as a lawyer breaks down how Disney made a fool of Ron DeSantis

Anticharismatic authoritarian Ron DeSantis is pretending to be upset with Disney because they support LGBTQ kids. He's been trying his best to ruin Florida's economy by crippling Disney as part of his plan to install a fascist government in the Sunshine State. Well, his best isn't good enough. DeSantis may have been adequate as a Navy lawyer when he was tasked with justifying the abominable treatment of detainees in Guantanamo, but he's about as useful as a used firecracker when it comes to standing up to Disney's lawyers. In this episode of LegalEagle, lawyer Devin James Stone describes how Disney cleverly outmaneuvered DeSantis's clumsy attempt to punish Disney.

As one YouTube commenter astutely noted, "How could the party that's been allowing (and even fighting for) unchecked corporate influence in government be surprised when corporations actually use their unchecked influence in government?"