A giddy AOC reacts to the ousting of Tucker Carlson: "Good things can happen"

Just two days ago, MSNBC's Jen Psaki asked AOC if media organizations should be accountable "for being platforms of incitement," to which AOC answered hell yeah. "When you look at what Tucker Carlson and some of these other folks on Fox do, it is very, very clearly incitement of violence … and that is the line I think we have to be willing to contend with." (See bottom video.)

And it's as if Fox took the interview to heart, firing the perpetually irate faux news host the following day.

"Tucker Carson is out at Fox News," a delighted AOC said following yesterday's stunningly satisfying news. "It couldn't have happened to a better guy." The New York lawmaker compares Carlson to a villain in a superhero movie, worrying that there's still a chance he will reemerge after the final credits roll, but for now, "Deplatforming works … Good things can happen." (See video below, posted by Walter Masterson.)