Creative Adversarial Networks: GANs that make art

Generative Adversarial Networks use a pair of machine-learning models to create things that seem very realistic: one of the models, the "generator," uses its training data to make new things; and the other, the "discerner," checks the generator's output to see if it conforms to the model. Read the rest

Tiffany's offers a tin can for $1,000

Indistinguishable from dog food that's been given a run through the dishwasher, this $1,000 tin can from Tiffany & Co. is a quiet invitation, to Americans, to do things that even a year or two ago they would not have dreamed possible. [via]

The Everyday Objects collection transforms utilitarian items into handcrafted works of art. A classic tin can is upgraded in sterling silver and shining vermeil.

Sterling silver and vermeil with Tiffany Blue® enamel accent 4.5" high Instantly recognizable, the signature Tiffany Blue® hue of this design’s enamel accent has been as iconic as the brand itself since its founding in 1837

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This can choir is crushing it

What puns can be made about a choir made of cans? 

Oh, so many

Seriously, I can't think of a single new one. Soda pressing.

This brilliant display was spotted in the Netherlands.

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