Deer breaks into Melbourne, Australia home

A deer broke into a home in Melbourne, Australia, much to the surprise of home owner Alexander Hill and his children. The deer made its way inside by crashing through a glass door with its antlers. ABC News Australia explains:

Alphington resident Alexander Hill said he switched his phone on following a work meeting on Thursday and discovered half a dozen missed calls and a text message that read, "There's a stag in the house and blood is everywhere."

A call to the neighbours confirmed a deer had made its way onto the ground floor of Mr. Hill's townhouse and calls were made to police and Parks Victoria.

Hill's children, Muray and Ivy, stayed safely upstairs while waiting for Parks Victoria rangers to arrive. It took a couple of hours, but the rangers were eventually able to coax the deer out of the house without the use of tranquilizers. 

Turns out, deer sightings aren't unheard of in Melbourne, but they aren't that common—rangers respond to calls about kangaroos much more frequently. Again, ABC News Australia:

Mr Hill said rangers told him it was a strange day at the office, even for them.

"They said they're usually dealing with kangaroos, they probably only get a deer every one in 50 [calls], I think even for them it was little unusual," Mr Hill said.