Marjorie Taylor Greene is furious at "hateful" comments about her son

Not wanting to be outdone, the hateful Marjorie Taylor Greene cried on X about all the "hateful" commenters after she posted a photo of her son proudly posing with a deer he shot and killed with an assault rifle.

"I'm so proud of my son Derek!" said the Georgia Congressquack's first post yesterday morning, which was accompanied by a photo of her 20-year-old son crouching down to hold up the head of a dead deer while smiling at the camera. People immediately commented on how the "hunter" wore camouflage and war paint to shoot a delicate doe that looked barely over one year old with an AR-15 style assault weapon.

"Assault weapon to kill Bambi?" mocked one commenter. "Is it difficult to shoot a defenseless deer with a scoped semi-auto rifle? I can mow down a pack of turkeys with my car but would never consider that an achievement," said another. "Wow… he shot a 40lb baby deer. He a bad ass… that will feed the family for minutes," said another. And on and on the commenters went.

The flood of negative feedback didn't go over well with Madge, who screamed right back in the comment section, at one point saying, "at least my son knows he's a man," before doubling down with a follow-up post.

"It's sad that so many people commented here in such hateful uneducated way," the hater began, not realizing that the truly sad thing is that she roped her boy into her social media cess pool in the first place.

She then said she had "posted this joyfully" before listing the many reasons she's proud of her son, such as, "he did exactly what I asked him to do … that's what good kids do."

"Not only that, he sent our whole family a beautiful picture of the sunrise this morning because he loves and appreciates God's creation and when you go hunting you truly get to enjoy it," she continued, oblivious to the ironic fact that one of God's creations — the doe — was no longer able to enjoy that same beautiful sunrise.

You can see the entire post here on Newsweek.