Tulsi Gabbard describes the DNC's plan to "install their puppet, their chosen one, Kamala Harris" as "unelected President of the United States"

April 24, 2023 Sean Hannity interviewed Tulsi Gabbard, who had this to say about the DNC, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris. I transcribed this so you don't have to actually watch Hannity or Gabbard speaking. Gabbard first states that the DNC was "rigging the system" back when she was a 2020 presidential candidate, but argues they were "more subtle about it" then. She states that now, however, with their decision to not hold primary debates, the DNC is "arrogant and disrespectful to the American people and voters."

She then makes an appeal to the audience: "If you are even thinking of voting for President Biden, they really need to ask themselves if they want to support a candidate that has so much disdain and disrespect for the American people." She argues that this is all part of "the plan" for the "Democratic machine" to stay in power. She goes on:

Gabbard: "They need Joe Biden to run for re-election and get re-elected, so that when he gets to that point where he cannot function, which will likely happen sooner than later, they will then install their puppet, their chosen one, Kamala Harris, to become the unelected President of the United States, and then she runs again in 2028 with the power of the incumbency behind her. They want someone they can control, and they can control Kamala Harris. I have no doubt about it—you look at how she carries herself, you look at her inability to form coherent sentences."

Hannity: "Can you explain the mystery of the ages? Can you explain the uncontrollable giggling?"

Gabbard: "Yes, I can, actually. To me, it shows nervousness, anxiety, and fear. That's how she covers it up."

If you want to a great overview of how Tulsi Gabbard found her way from rising star of the DNC to rising star of the GOP and darling of Fox News, check out Episode 212 of the QAnon Anonymous podcast. We previously covered Part One, "The Cult, featuring Mike Prysner," which dives into Gabbard's early life, and specifically her family's involvement in the deeply homophobic Science of Identity Foundation cult run by surfer-turned-spiritual-grifter Chris Butler. Part Two, "The Fascist Turn, featuring Mike Prysner," is described by Stitcher this way:

An ascendant Indian fascist group finds a friend in Tulsi Gabbard as she returns to her right wing roots. She starts spouting anti-trans talking points, talking about anti-white racism and attacking the Democratic Party. Our guest writer is Mike Prysner (Empire Files, Eyes Left Podcast) who helps us explore Tulsi Gabbard, the cult that she grew up in, and how she gelled as a right wing figure, palling up with Tucker Carlson and the Indian far-right.