Pillow guy is just the latest liar to court the famously fired frozen food foul-mouth

Oh, look! Tucker Carlson can add Mike Lindell to the illustrious list of people offering him a job. Additional sources of Russian propaganda that have expressed an interest in the former Fox News figurehead are Newsmax and Russia's own RT.

Lindell and Carlson seem like a pretty good match. Neither tells the truth; both love Russia, conspiracy theories, and playing a buffoon on TV. I do not know how Carlson's 2004 hosting of Jon Stewart on Crossfire left Tucker with a career at all, let alone to become the most trusted source of lies in Red America.

Crooks and Liars:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has some fantastic news for unemployed former Fox News MAGA clowns Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino. On The Lindell Report (I have no idea what that is), the pillow salesman tells his viewers he wants them on his team.

"And by the way, Brandon, I've reached out to both of them," he said to a dude named Brandon who appeared to be napping. "I texted them both, both Don Bongino and Tucker, and said, hey, you're welcome over here at Lindell TV at Frank Speech."

"We would love to have them here as part of our team," he added.

For memory sake: