Trump "grabbed reporter's phones" and threw them in March plane tirade

Vanity Fair reports, weeks after the incident, that former president Trump got so angry with a reporter's questions that he grabbed his devices, threw them, and had him removed from his presence.

But then a line of questioning from NBC News reporter Vaughn Hillyard, who suggested that Trump had in recent days seemed "frustrated" by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg's investigation, began irritating the former president. "Don't ask me any more questions," Trump said. About 10 minutes later, as Hillyard continued to ask about the investigation, Trump snapped, grabbing the reporter's two phones and chucking them to the side, according to a source familiar with the matter. "Get him out of here," Trump told his aides, according to a recording obtained by Vanity Fair.

It tells you a lot about our times that Trump can assault a reporter asking him questions, in front of other reporters, and rather than it being reported it becomes insider gossip that one of Trump's own people eventually leaks to someone who wasn't there. One can only hope it spoiled a book deal.