Charge multiple devices without extra cables at once with this port, only $60

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TL;DR: The 7-in-1 Charging Station for Multiple Devices does precisely what its name is: it powers up multiple devices at a time without extra charging cords. Although it's typically $89, you can now get it for only $59.99.

Whether for work or pleasure, we always need at least one of our devices with us. The problem is that as useful as our tech products are, they need to charge regularly — a process that can take a lot of time. That's where this 7-in-1 charging station comes in.

With this unique charging port, you can charge up to seven devices simultaneously. No need to worry about buying extra cables! It's a visually elegant, simple solution to the frustration caused by needing to power up multiple devices at once. Best of all, right now's on sale: Typically retailing for $89, the 7-in-1 Charging Station from Damn Good Electronics is now available for only $59.99.

Obviously, we love that this tool can charge up to 7 devices at a time, but there's more that makes this port special. First, it'll power up most products and works with almost all phone brands. Then, thanks to the 30W PD fast charging component, you can rest assured your devices will be rejuvenated in no time. Your devices will power up to 50% more in just 25 minutes. No more waiting around desperately for a drop of power!

Charging isn't as simple of an operation as it sounds, either. It can damage your devices if you overcharge them, for example, and could even seriously reduce battery life, The New York Times notes. That's why we appreciate that this port has safety features in place to avoid overcharging and make sure your device reaches a desired amount of power — not going over the limit.

Get the 7-in-1 Charging Station for Multiple Devices now for just $59.99 (reg. $89).

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