Prankster farts near strangers in public while staring into their eyes (video)

It's one thing to catch a person tooting out loud in public, but it's quite another thing to have said tooter lock eyes with you as they noisily let loose. Which is what this hilarious prankster does as he continues his "Farting with Eye Contact" series.

Watch (video below) as the comedian, who goes by HumorBagel on YouTube, lets it rip in earshot of innocent bystanders — whether he's sitting on a park bench, standing on a bridge, or squatting in a park — while he stares at his victims with a serious, almost accusatory expression. Most people try to keep a straight face — until either he or they walk away. Then they explode (not with a fart but with laughter!).

This is part 4 of the series, which is different from the tooting prankster's video, "Farting with Attitude," which we posted last year. As one of his YouTube commenters pondered, "Who would've thought fart jokes truly never get old?" With this guy, they don't!

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