Uncle Apple educates kids through rap songs that slap

When Georgia-based singer/songwriter Kyle Lucas isn't making his own music, he's making catchy rap songs for kids under the moniker "Uncle Apple." Inspired by his niece (who gave him the nickname) and two nephews, Kyle started creating these fun and educational songs to teach kids important stuff like washing hands, learning colors, and getting outside.

A TikTok user recently brought attention to Uncle Apple's repertoire, which dates back to 2018, saying, "Honestly, it slaps." And, she's not wrong, Uncle Apple does slap.

"We've also been developing a cartoon around the Uncle Apple character that I am REALLY excited about," Kyle told Boing Boing, "It's in the beginning stages but we've had some great meetings with networks about it. There's no release day yet, but in the meantime, I will be releasing a lot more Uncle Apple songs and content. I hope parents and kids can connect and enjoy this music together!"