Giuliani gets 2nd lawsuit in 1 week — this time from the man accused of assault after patting Rudy on the back (video)

For the second time this week, professional defendant Rudy Giuliani is getting sued — not for sexual assault, like this week's earlier lawsuit, but for his alleged false accusation against a heckler who Giuliani claimed had "attacked" him in a Staten Island grocery store. And by "attack," he meant a simple pat on the back paired with an insult.

In case you missed the story, snowflake Giuliani fell into a terror-tantrum last year after an employee of the ShopRite market tapped him from behind and asked, "What's up, scumbag?" And no, it was not a nice way to greet the disgraced former mayor of New York City, but, from surveillance footage (below) it certainly didn't look like Giuliani was attacked, or that the man had put Giuliani in danger of nearly "falling down" and "cracking my skull," as Giuliani later bemoaned.

But Giuliani made sure the 39-year-old store employee was arrested, arraigned on misdemeanor charges including third-degree assault, and put in jail for 21 hours. And now the man is seeking monetary damages, according to The Guardian.

And if the video below (posted by Ron Filipkowski) — which shows footage of the harrowing incident along with Giuliani's hilariously exaggerated recollection of what happened — is entered as evidence, it looks like a slam dunk for the former RiteShop employee.

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