Watch Mister Hamster's big adventure

Check out this awesome hamster maze, created by Mister Hamster, a YouTube channel that features intricate mazes that are like little Rube Goldberg machines for the rodent set. Mister Hamster describes their channel:

DIY mazes for hamsters. Enjoy! Mister Hamster wants to travel and have adventures!

Their newest video shows a cute fluffy hamster carefully working its way through a colorful maze full of fun contraptions. The hamster patiently waits for knobs to turn, traps to open, rollers to rotate, and more. And the cute creature cleverly figures out how to move on even if at first it seems confused by any given obstacle. The 8-minute video is a delight to watch—I found myself rooting for the little fluffer the whole time. And, spoiler alert: it gets to the end safely!

And, don't worry, as Mister Hamster explains, "the obstacle course and all the traps are made from cardboard, paper and other soft materials," so no hamsters were harmed in the making of this video. In fact, the hamster really looks like its having fun!