Watch Walt Disney try to fool celebrity panel on 1956 episode of 'What's My Line?' game show

On November 11, 1956, the game show What's My Line? had Walt Disney as its "mystery challenger." Disney managed to conceal his identity from the panelists for a while, even answering questions in French to add to the confusion.

The blindfolded panel of Jerry Lewis, Arlene Francis, Dorothy Kilgallen, and Bennett Cerf tries to uncover the identity of their mystery guest by asking him questions. Five questions in, writer Bennett Cerf says, "I think I recognize that voice from personal acquaintance."

Cerf then asks, "Are you beloved by millions and millions of children?" Before it can be answered, Jerry Lewis blurts out, "It's Gulliver!" After some laughs, host Mr. Daly confirms Cerf's question, "The answer to that would have to be 'yes,' Bennett." Bennett then identifies the mystery guest correctly, "I think it's Walt Disney." (Digg)