After man jumps into icy lake to save a stranger's dog, strangers all chip in to help the man (video)

Last February, a husky was in trouble after it ran into a half-frozen lake in Colorado to chase geese and began to "struggle for a long time," according to witness Holly Morphew. Then a stranger, who saw what was happening, took off his clothes and swam into the icy water, coaxing and helping the dog get back to shore. (See Morphew's video along with her Instagram post here.)

Although news outlets covered the feel-good story, it wasn't until later that someone posted what happened next — a crowd of strangers taking their own shirts (and sweaters and coats) off their backs on a winter day to warm up the freezing, wet hero sitting on snow-patched ground. (See video below, posted by GoodNewsCorrespondent.) Yes, people still do good things.

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