Marjorie Taylor Greene may have "committed a crime" when she bragged about misconduct on Fox, says attorney

Stable genius Marjorie Taylor Greene may have unwittingly confessed to misconduct — or a crime — last night on Fox News when she described how she mishandled sensitive material about the GOP's unproven bribery allegations against Joe Biden.

"The FBI is stonewalling us and they would only let us see a SCIF," the Georgia lawmaker told Fox host Laura Ingraham, referring to a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility or highly secure room/area where lawmakers and other officials can view sensitive information but can't take the material out of the contained space (unless you have the likes of Marge on the premises).

Greene then described her misdeed: "What I did after reading the document is I made notes when I walked out and I went up to the table. I wrote down everything that I had just read so that I could come out and tell the American people what I read." (See video below, posted by Acyn.)

Although Greene claims the material is unclassified, SCIFs are usually set up for highly sensitive documents that are not meant for conspiracy theorists to leak.

As national security DC Attorney Mark S. Zaid tweeted, "If this information was classified, sounds to me like the Congresswoman committed a crime. And if it was not, Speaker McCarthy should remove her privileges for violating the trust she was afforded as a member of Congress to review sensitive information."

Front page thumbnail image: Fox News