Wanna see some tiny creatures in tiny slippers?

My algorithm is strange, so it's no surprise that these cute tiny "hamster slippers" shaped like little sharks showed up on my feed. Of course, I had to go see if I could find out if anyone was buying them and if I could see them in action on an actual hamster. Turns out, yes, folks are definitely buying them, and yes, they are forcing their tiny pets to wear them. Here's a hamster wearing them, for example. Sadly, the poor creature doesn't seem too happy about it:

But on the other hand, here's a hedgehog who doesn't really seem to mind:

Verdict: I'll file these under 'things nobody (and no tiny creature) needs,' but I'm a little torn, because gosh darn that hedgehog is pretty cute.

If you want to see more photos of adorable tiny creatures wearing these ridiculous slippers, go take a look here.