A company lunch thief turns out to be a bear (video)

A man working at a glass company in New Hampshire had a nice healthy lunch waiting for him in his truck — until a black bear beat him to it.

"It's eating my nuts!" the man said to his co-workers as they looked out the window of a job site to catch the thief in the act. The formidable lunch lifter, meanwhile, shamelessly sat in the front passenger seat of the truck as it chowed down its tasty find. (See video below, posted by WMUR TV.)

In the video, the workers speculate that the bear had climbed through the truck's open window, but miraculously, as reported later in UPI, it did no damage to the truck, "not a single scratch." It did, however, enjoy a post-lunch nap before leaving the truck.

Front page thumbnail image: ISSARET YATSOMBOON / shutterstock.com